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Emerge & Restore Coaching Program

Emerge and Restore (EAR) is a 90-day transformational coaching collaboration that will walk you through the steps, uncovering the lies of the enemy, the mistruths, the fears, and the lack of faith that has been believed about you for too long. Helping to guide each person in their own time. Walking out the steps necessary to conquer and secure all that they are called to do for their life.  


Month 1

No time for fear - you are still called!

Pivot or Remain

  • Week 1:   Identifying life’s challenges - Let's get to                    work

  • Week 2:   Renewing the Mind - Where lies your                         belief? Has it been a lie?

  • Week 3:   Your plans vs. the Kingdom of God

  • Week 4:   Reflection

Month 2


Eyes Wide Open

  • Week 1:  Your hidden potential – Get off that roller                      coaster!

  • Week 2:  Taking back me -Mountains watch out

  • Week 3:  Discovering the real you - Get out of the                        boat! 

  • Week 4:  Reflection

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Month 3

Let's get ready to walk it out!

Ready to Pivot


  • Week 1:  Healing through forgiveness, and loving your                  true self

  • Week 2:  Subject to change - You are who HE called                     you to be!

  • Week 3:  It’s time to dream again! Launch Time!

  • Week 4:  Course wrap up and reflection   

Let's Work Together

Complete  in Him and complete in yourself – changed thinking, changes the mindset and therefore changes your belief in who you are, what you can do, what you are called to do, and to not be afraid to go after that which God has placed in your heart, despite of your natural circumstances. You can do this, and you will not be alone  this journey.

Everything changes with  a decision, a decision to move forward and take this faith walk, and your life back!

Book your free EAR Strategy Session, and let’s see if you align with this program, and let your EMERGENCE begin with this 90-day coaching experience. I am so ready to walk with you and be there to mentor, to encourage and to help you discover exactly what you have been attempting to do alone, or not at all. 


“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37: 4

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