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Meet Denise C.
Herndon Harvey

Certified Coach, & Expert

Greetings, I'm Denise!


I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and military spouse. I am also published author who has a passion for writing about faith in God.  My first book is a children’s book, called “Growing up Sassafras -Where is my daddy?” and is “Emergence of Me - Discovering My Identity and Courage Within,” and soon to be released, Multi -author book called "Unlock Your Voice." I write by incorporating factors such as faith and hope in God, and the belief of family restoration and forgiveness.

My goal is to help implant the understanding of God’s love in our life, and that of the young, as well as for our women, and those old at heart, believing that all can experience transformation, deliverance and healing, when God is allowed to operated and live in their hearts.

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Yes I'm Equipped

  • Retired, Department of Defense and the Federal Government for almost 35 years 

  • Graduate of Liberty University, with a Master of Arts Degree in Human Service Counseling – Family Advocacy & Public Policy

  •  Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology – Christian Counseling

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology – Crisis Counseling

  • Minor in Biblical Studies

  • Life Coaching Certificate

  • Mental Health Coaching Certificate

  • Air Force spouse, married for over 39 years with two adult kids and five grandchildren. 

My EMERGE Journey

My biggest desire in writing, and especially my last book, is to  inspire boldness in a person’s walk with the Lord by sharing my story.

I’m sure there are so many people in this world that have a similar story, and there are so many that have had extremely hard times, which I can honestly say I didn’t. However, I still like everyone else, have a story, and it is one that I needed to express in such a way, to be that willing vessel to be used for better.

As I continued to grow as a believer in Christ, I began to understand just how important it is to understand who we are, and what we have been called to do in this life, that God has blessed us to live.

There was also a time in my life where I felt as if I let my family down, when things aren’t going in such a way that I thought they would, I blamed myself! I blame myself for not doing a better job, obviously had I been a better person, a better parent, you name it, then things would not have happened the way they did. I even apologized to our heavenly Father, for what I called my failures.  I felt so hurt and torn up inside, thinking how could I let the Father down, how did I not do better for God, didn’t I owe Him that, my very best.

I thought, here I am worrying and stressing over little, when our God, our wonderful loving and Holy, all-knowing God has the entire universe, and all within it, to love, to forgive, and desire to want all saved from hell, and no one to parish. When He tells us in His Word that we are loved, we’re called, we are beautiful, we are wonderful, that we are more than overcomers, yes, we are not forgotten, that is exactly what we are!

I wanted to encourage everyone that would read my book, and that join this program, to have the understanding concerning just how important it is to not give up on the life they desire, and believe what God has placed in their heart can be accomplished. We are creative spirits, patterned after God, and just as He spoke the world into existence, we then create our world with the very words that are coming out of our mouths, for good or for bad.  Your change will come with your thoughts, and what you then allow to enter your mind and come out of your mouth. As each one of us takes a look at the life we are living today, and if what we see with our eyes is not the life we desire or even like, it is not too late to rewind the clock.

 Our words have now formed our world, known as our current life. Our change can begin by guarding our thoughts and what we allow to seep out of our mouth, escaping into the atmosphere and mixing with unbelief. We must come to believe that God not only has us, but He has the best for us, even before our feet hit the ground. 


Ask, believe, speak, and begin to watch your life change once your mind is renewed. Just as in writing, life coaching is for the same reasons, to help those  women that have been consumed with the dissatisfaction of their current life, and that may be dealing with loss and grief in any fashion, realize that it is not too late for their life to become all they desire, achieving all God has for them, and to emerge and restore and seize their abundant purposed filled life. It is absolutely never too late to soar!!!


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