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Emerge & Restore

  Pivot         in the       Pause

    Meet Denise C Herndon Harvey

Certified Coach & Expert

Hi I'm Denise!

I help women, that have found themselves stuck, and in need of a major pivot in their life, yet are unable to make the necessary shift, and walk in their desired purpose.  We have not been created to live a dissatisfied  unfulfilled life. Regardless of your age, it’s not too late to pivot, emerge and restore, and seize your abundant purposed filled life.

 It’s time for your transformation to live!

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'EAR' Coaching Programs

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Emerge & Restore

Emerge and Restore (EAR) is a 90-day transformational coaching collaboration, that will walk along side and individual, as they uncover faulty thinking, mistruths, fear, and the lack of faith and courage, that a person has believed about themselves for too long. While helping to guide each individual in their desired path to freedom in discovering the life purpose they have longed for, conquering fears and securing all they have been called to do.   


Your Free Gift

You may be discontented with your life right now but I want you to know that your dreams are still alive! It is not too late to become all that God has called and purposed for you to be in this world. This free guide will encourage and motivate you to take action. Emerge and Restore! Everyone that signs up for this course will also receive the new workbook called "Emergence of Me - Discovering your identity and courage within"

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"Coaching your life forward by getting unstuck and making a decision to take back control of your life, moving towards your healing and desired goals."


~ Denise Herndon Harvey ~

Schedule Your Free Strategy Session

Let's Connect! I would love to learn about what you are currently struggling with and share how I can help.


“'Denise, I would like to take this time to let you know how much I truly appreciate you for always motivating me and being a blessing in my life. You are a kind hearted individual that gives so much of yourself to others. Words cannot express the love I have for you and how much of an impact you have made in my life. You always make me feel confident in myself when I am doubting myself. You are more than a mentor, my spiritual coach your are my best friend and I love you with all my heart. So keep doing what God has called you to do so many people need you in their life and I am so grateful.”

- Sheila

“Denise Harvey; an excellent woman of God. She’s a counselor and coach who helped me through some difficult times. Denise through her experiences and her walk with the Lord she advised and prayed with me. She was very attentive and compassionate about helping with whatever I was in need of. I am grateful for Denise and the ministry she has been blessed with, for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.”

- Tracey

“I've known Denise for many years. We have a military connection as our families were stationed together in Turkey. When I think about Denise the first word that come to mind is spirit-led. She is a woman of God who desires to see others come to know they are loved by God, and that he has a great plan for their lives. Her ministry is to see people free from whatever holds them in bondage. To live victorious lives in Christ Jesus.”

- Donna

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